Blue Moon Innovations, LLC

Established in 2013, Blue Moon Innovations has continually focused on helping people SELL their homes quickly for CASH at a FAIR price! Sellers who work with us are able to avoid making expensive repairs, updating old décor, meeting inspections, paying realtor commissions, closing fees, buyer's contributions and holding costs, or waiting sometimes months to close. 

Whether you've experienced a divorce, or you've inherited a home you don't want, or you're facing foreclosure with the bank breathing down your neck; we're able to liquidate quickly for you, take the problem property off your hands, or save your credit rating!

Selling a property is extremely stressful and time-consuming! In 2021, who needs that? BMI takes away the stress quickly! That's it! We partner with professionals at the top of their field: Title companies, inspectors, appraisers, and closing attorneys that make the process go quickly and painlessly, and gets the cash into your hands without the hassle. 

From there, Blue Moon strives to preserve the character of these houses and make beautiful homes for new families. We're changing neighborhoods, one home at a time.

Please fill out the form at the right to get a fair, quick, cash offer for your property! We'll work hard to help you!